Haozen – Israeli Hearing Center


Haozen – Hearing center is an exclusive representative of bernafon - Swiss hearing aid manufacturer. The world leader in developing sophisticated microprocessors that provides the perfect answer to various hearing problems.

The center provides hearing rehabilitation services and hearing aids adjustment to the entire population in and around Jerusalem. The Hearing and Tympanometry tests are performed by qualified and experienced audiologists, ensuring the most stringent professional rules and are supervised by all four health funds.

The Institute offers a variety of advanced digital hearing aids that fully meets all the requirements and types of hearing loss. The most recent advances in digital hearing aid is a smart processor – ChannelFree™, that with innovative technology performs an  analysis of real-time modes of hearing with various audio capabilities, accurately imitates the human ear.


In addition, the institute specializes in hearing aids repair, field deposited by a team of highly skilled technicians, with rich experience of over 30 years.

The Institute works in sync with all health funds, the Ministry of Defense, the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


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