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Custome made ear plugs and ear pieces


Unique ear plugs, with or without a filter, custom made to the ear. Made of special silicone with a protective layer.
אטמים נגד מים
Waterproof earplugs


Personalized gaskets made of flexible and special silicone with anti-bacterial coating.

The gaskets are designed to prevent water penetration into the ears when showering or bathing in the pool, in cases where there is a perforation of the eardrum, allergy, inflammation or fungus in the outer ear, arising from wetting and, of course, after "buttons" or other surgery. Ear diseases that require dry ear maintenance. When the gaskets are designed for children - before adjusting and adjusting knobs, you should reach.

The individual gaskets are made of special silicone material and float on the water. The gaskets are made in a multitude of colors that are different to each other's color, usually red to right and blue to left.


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אטמים נגד רעש בהתאמה אישית
Anti-noise earplugs


Biopact Flexcomfort

Extremely compact earplugs. The gaskets have been specially developed to protect the ear from noise and for people in need of wearing a helmet or other means on their heads. Instead of a handle, the gaskets have rings (O-ring) which make it easy to assemble and remove from the ear. These gaskets are adjusted so that they enter the ear canal and are especially hidden. There are several options to reduce the noise of your choice.


Compact Flexcomfort

Earplugs with a small handle for easy mounting and removal. The gaskets are made of flexible and transparent silicone. The flexible material is pleasant to the touch and does not change its shape. You can wear a security cord with a latch for your shirt. There are several options to reduce the noise of your choice.


Sleep earplugs

Dimensional earplugs tailored to sleep noise

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אוזניות למכשירי שמיעה
Custom ear piece


In the Institute, all types of ear pieces are adapted for hearing aids, the ear pieces are made of different materials such as acrylic, silicone and PVC


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