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The center provides hearing rehabilitation services and hearing aids adjustment to the entire population in and around Jerusalem. The Hearing and Tympanometry tests are performed by qualified and experienced audiologists, ensuring the most stringent professional rules and are supervised by all four health funds. We invite you to come in and enjoy a different kind of hearing aid fitting – where you make the choice.

In Ear Monitors


Earplugs and earphones for musicians – a must have gear for the professional and amateur musician

Comprehensive hearing tests

Audiometry, Tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests done by trained and proffessional licenced Audiologists.

Computerized fitting of advanced hearing aids fine tuning and fitting of digital hearing aids. tuning is based on real ear measurments

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New Hearing Aid - JUNA 

a premium hearing aid from bernafon 

SoundGate 3.1

wireless connection to Mobile Phone or TV

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