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Hearing accessories



Personal amplifier
Sennheiser A200
מגבר אישי

Stereo personal hearing amplifier for people with hearing loss. The amplifier can be used for presentations, lectures, meetings and conversation in the company. You can adjust power and frequencies according to hearing loss. The amplifier comes with a charger and rechargeable battery suitable for 12 hours in a row

Operating Instructions

Wireless headphones for TV, developed by SENNHEISER.

The system is the first in the world of its kind to combine hearing through FM broadcast to TV with the option of optical connection and digital sound. Excellent system performance, high level of design, design and materials.

Television Connection Training Video

Hearing aid batteries
סוללות למכשירי שמיעה

Special batteries for hearing aids by VARTA World Power One.

Available in 4 sizes suitable for different types of hearing aids.

High quality batteries for hearing aids 10

Quality 312 hearing aid batteries

Quality Batteries for Hearing Aids Model 13

High quality batteries for hearing aids 675

מייבש מכשירי שמיעה

To remove moisture in hearing aids without the use of chemicals, environmentally friendly.
Easy and easy opening for people with mobility difficulties. Easy operation and friendly. Convenient and easy to use at home and on the road.

Amplified phone
טלפון מוגבר נייח

An enhanced phone with the option to increase call and ring up to 30 decibels. Flash when receiving a call + Option to connect to a vibrating pillow. Regulators for power and frequencies for pleasant and effervescent conversation. Also works with hearing aid in "T" mode. Headphone jack or inspiratory loop port. 3 emergency memories + 9 more memories, signaling, redial and mute. Large number keys. Works with a power connection. Possibility of hanging on the wall. The phone has the option of dialing without lifting the handset.

Operating Instructions

Doorbell amplifier
פעמון לדלת

Amplifier for amplifying the phone and door for hearing impairments up to 95 decibels. Has a wireless wall button for connecting to a wall and a reception unit that also allows a telephone line connection. The volume and frequency of the ringing is regulated. A flash holder and a connection to a vibrating pillow. Can be connected to the wall.

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