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Questions and Answers

There are so many types of hearing aids. How do I choose the right device for me?

Hearing aids differ in different characteristics - location (internal or external), size, technology, speech processors, number of microphones, program options, device synchronization, connection to other audio devices, and more ... By a trusted professional. The considerations that the professional will consider are the type and severity of hearing loss, ear structure, speech comprehension (discrimination), motor abilities and of course behavioral characteristics. In most cases, the professional will recommend a number of devices that can fit your needs, and you can choose from the types offered that are most suitable for your needs and pocket.


Do I need to replace the hearing aids whenever there is another hearing loss?

No. The hearing aids can be directed at the hearing aid. The professional adjusting the device is planning ahead so that the device will also accommodate further hearing loss. Of course it is not possible to predict the progression of hearing loss or whether there will be a sudden decrease in hearing, but in the adjustment process you will be adapted to a device that can accommodate you for years. It is very important to choose a hearing aid that allows periodic hearing tests so that the hearing status can be routinely monitored and re-tuned when necessary.


How long does a hearing aid battery last?

In principle, batteries last between 80 and 100 hours of work on digital devices (in older analog devices, the batteries last longer because of the simple operation of the device). Battery life varies depending on amplification power and advanced adaptive features of the device, as well as the listening environment - the more the device works, the faster the battery runs out. Be sure to purchase reliable, high quality batteries only.


There are so many hearing aids. How do I know where to pair a hearing aid?

The hearing rehabilitation process requires directional appointments to optimize the device, so it is advisable to choose an accessible hearing aid near your place of residence. It is important to choose a hearing aid that gives you a trial period where you can experiment with the devices and adapt to them. Your personal impression of the institute, the staff, the level of service, the courtesy, the professionalism and the explanations given to you are also very important considerations in the decision. The Hearing Institute is a place you will visit several times in the rehabilitation process, and you should get the best service there. It is important to choose an attentive and skilled professional. That way, you will know that your needs and requirements are being listened to, so that the device you choose will work best for you.


Do I need to pay for tuning sessions?


Tunings are included in the service from the institute where you purchased the device.



My girlfriend offered a small in-ear device, and I was recommended a device behind the ear. Can I use an internal device too?


The size of the device is determined by the shape and severity of hearing loss - devices of different sizes are suitable for different hearing impairments. Today, most hearing impairments can be adapted to tiny and aesthetic hearing aids. The hearing institute should be consulted and asked about the pros and cons of the various devices.



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