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real ear measurments from MED Rx
real ear measurments

REM test

Real Ear Measurement

The hearing aid adjustment process as performed to date has included reference to the audiological characteristics (level of hearing impairment and type). In addition, all of the client's physiological and clinical characteristics and personal needs were taken into account. The process of adapting required a person to adapt to the device and many still felt that they were not getting the most out of their hearing aid.

REM is an innovative test that contributes to the perfect fit of your hearing aid. The test represents objective measurements made as part of the hearing aid adjustment process using state-of-the-art instrumentation.

How is the test done?

  • In the first step, a flexible tube connected to the microphone is inserted into the external audio channel. This tube measures the individual acoustic characteristics of the auditory canal structure (size, length and volume up to the eardrum).

  • In the second stage, assemble the customized hearing aid together with the microphone tube. Speech sounds are played at different intensities and the output measured within the ear is measured following the amplification of the instrument.

At the end of the test, the optimal amplification for that person is determined, an amplification that allows maximum speech comprehension at a comfortable hearing level.

The test is fast, simple and objective as it does not depend on the ability of the subject to cooperate.

Thanks to the REM method, the hearing aid adjustment process becomes more personal, accurate and shorter. In the process, each client's individual needs are taken into account along with the objective acoustic properties measured.

Using REM greatly contributes to customer satisfaction with the hearing aid. The end result is that the customer derives the maximum from the hearing aid that has been customized for it.

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