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 סוגים שונים של מכשירי שמיעה
hearing aids

Internal and external digital hearing aid tailored to the needs of the customer using a computerized control system.

We fit hearing aids from the world's leading companies

GN Resound, Bernafon, Starkey, Phonak

בדיקות שמיעה ממוחשבות
Hearing tests

Audiometry and tympanometry tests are performed by qualified and experienced clinicians, adhering to the strictest professional rules and supervision of the health funds.

You can perform audiometry, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing, free field testing, instrument testing and more.

The tests are printed using AudioTest hearing testing software

אטמים נגד רעש בהתאמה אישית
Earplugs and custome made ear pieces

At the center, all types of ear pieces are adapted for hearing aids, the molds are made of different materials such as acrylic, silicone and PVC. Unique earplugs, with or without a filter, custom made to the ear. Made of special silicone with a protective layer.

Professional equipment for musicians


Professional systems for the professional and amateur musician. Designed to maintain the main instrument of every musician - the ears.

We can fit in-ear monitors with unique earbuds for musicians

אביזרי עזר לשמיעה בטלוויזיה
Accessories and batteries


Hearing aids from the world's leading companies. Required items for hearing aid users.

The wide variety includes TV amplifiers, personal amplifiers, drying boxes, amplified phones, amplified mobile phones and more.

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