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לשמוע בשתי האוזניים

Bilateral hearing

We were meant to hear with both ears. When we hear in both ears, our brain is constantly making calculations based on the power, frequency, and direction of the sounds coming to us, allowing us to identify the direction of the sound, focus and understand better speech, especially in the background of noise.
In most cases, hearing impairment in both ears requires the use of two hearing aids.

Why are two devices better than one?

Sound source location

The ability to identify where a sound comes from. Choosing one device in double-sided mode makes one ear dominant. This ear will hear the sounds faster and louder and hence, each sound will sound from the same side.

Better understanding of speech

Two devices, like the natural state of both ears, allow us to focus better on the speech we are listening to.

Understanding speech in a noisy environment

The most significant improvement is evident when we listen to speech and noise simultaneously. If in one device state we must constantly make sure that the restored ear will turn to speech, when we have two devices, the brain naturally acts to focus on speech and ignore noise as much as possible, as is the case with people with normal hearing who use both ears.

Better sound quality

With two devices, the hearing is more natural. We also benefit from the full range of hearing, and also need at least ear enhancement. These two properties prevent distortion in sound and allow for cleaner and more natural listening.

Prevention of auditory neglect

Research shows that when one device is assembled, we make one ear dominant while the other tends to be impaired in speech comprehension because it does not work the same way. Assembling two hearing aids keeps both ears active.

Less effort in hearing

Many people with hearing impairment report that listening is more pleasant with two devices, because you don't have to try to hear better.

Tantone masking

Research has shown that in some cases of hearing impairment accompanied by tantalum, people who make up two hearing aids feel improvement in tanton.


Most bilateral hearing impaired clients prefer two devices. A study of more than 5,000 patients with bilateral decline showed greater satisfaction with bilateral rehabilitation.

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