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in ear monitor
in ear monitor

Headphones - In Ear Monitor



The in-ear headphones' advanced technology - IN EAR MONITORS - improves your musical performance. A combination of in-ear hearing technology along with the perfect seal and customization help you hear better now and in the future.

With IN EAR MONITOR, you can hear your musical performance better in addition to significantly reducing unwanted environmental noise, thus reducing the risk of hearing loss.



Use the headphones in both rehearsals and performances. The quality and professionalism of your musical performance depends on your ability to hear yourself in addition to your ability to hear the entire musical composition. You need to be sure you are in the right rhythm, the right scale and the musical "spirit" that fits the rest of the lineup. Sometimes, the sound of one of the other instruments in the lineup makes it difficult to hear yourself within the lineup cleanly.



Using the IN EAR MONITOR allows you to keep your hearing free of unwanted environmental noises while you can hear directly, coordinated and clear your sound and the others in the composition.



With IN EAR MONITOR you can hear your sound together with soundproofing at the environmental noises at a level that ensures you clear and high quality sound. The result will be a direct reduction of the volume to a safer volume so that the damage to your hearing is reduced.




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