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אטם למוסיקאים ER FlexComfort

Musician earplugs- ER FlexComfort



earplugs with advanced and special filter that allow noise attenuation in "straight line" between frequencies 125 to 8000 HZ. Due to the attenuation of the straight line of the noise, hearing of the natural sound is maintained without distortion. This is similar to lowering directly through the radio power button.


ER FlexComfort is most sought after by musicians and people who are especially interested in hearing the natural sounds.

There are a number of noise reduction options for your choice of ER9, ER15, ER25.

The earplugs production process in this video


  • Personal earplugs to size

  • Soft and flexible special silicone

  • Maintains original sound

  • Optimal hearing protection

  • Transparent color

  • Convenient to operate and maintain

  • Suitable for musicians, DJs, sound people and more

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