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Anti-noise ear plugs


Unique, custom-made earplugs with a special filter that allows noise attenuation of varying intensities of your choice. Made of special silicone with a protective layer.
Sleep ear plugs


Soft silicone ear plugs, built in a manner that allows for minimal ear disturbance while sleeping, in addition to a high sealing of about 25 decibels. These ear plugs are filterless.

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Music ear plugs- ER FlexComfort


Ear plugs with advanced and special filter that allow noise attenuation in "straight line" between frequencies 125 to 8000 HZ. Due to the attenuation of the straight line of the noise, hearing of the natural sound is maintained without distortion. This is similar to lowering directly through the radio power button.


ER FlexComfort is most sought after by musicians and people who are especially interested in hearing the natural sounds.

There are a number of noise reduction options for your choice of ER9, ER15, ER25.

אטמים נגד רעש בהתאמה אישית
Noise earplugs- Compact Flexcomfort


Earplugs with a small handle for easy mounting and removal. The ear plugs are made of flexible and transparent silicone. The flexible material is pleasant to the touch and does not change its shape. You can wear a security cord with a latch for your shirt. There are several options to reduce the noise of your choice.


אטמים נגד רעש biopact flexcomfort
noise earplugs- Biopact Flexcomfort

Extremely compact earplugs. The gaskets have been specially developed to protect the ear from noise and for people in need of wearing a helmet or other means on their heads. Instead of a handle, the earplugs have rings (O-ring) which make it easy to assemble and remove from the ear. These earplugs are adjusted so that they enter the ear canal and are especially hidden. There are several options to reduce the noise of your choice.



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