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אטמים נגד מים לבריכה
צבעים של אטמים נגד מים

Waterproof earplugs


Personalized earplugs made of flexible and special silicone with anti-bacterial coating.

The earplugs are designed to prevent water penetration into the ears when showering or bathing in the pool, in cases where there is a perforation of the eardrum, allergy, inflammation or fungus in the outer ear, which arises from wetting and of course after "buttons" or other surgery.

Earplugs are designed for use even after other ear surgery or ear diseases that require dry ear maintenance.

When the gaskets are designed for children - before adjusting and adjusting knobs, you should reach.

The individual gaskets are made of special silicone material and float on the water. The gaskets are made in a multitude of colors that are different to each other's color, usually red to right and blue to left.


earplugs are ready about three weeks from the date of measurement.



So how do you do that?


When you arrive at the hearing center, the audiologist will look you in the ear with an autoscope, to check the shape of the ear and to check that there is no obstruction in the ear canal.

Then, a small swab will be inserted into the ear canal followed by a special silicone material that hardens for about five minutes. Taking measurement doesn't hurt.

The audiologist will remove the hardened silicone and a measure of your ear canal.

They will work in our lab and about three weeks later the earplugs will be ready.









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